AIN Dubai

Largest ferris wheel in the world

In the autumn of 2020, the largest ferris wheel in the world will be completed in the United Arab Emirates, the AIN Dubai. The AIN Dubai has a height of approx. 260 m and has capacity for 1,400 passengers in 48 cabins. A ride takes 45 minutes.


Paul Vahle GmbH & Co. KG supplied various components for the power supply of the AIN Dubai ferris wheel. On behalf of Vahle, our company performed the mechanical design for the safety technology components of the circumferential power rail system, which is a total of 15 km long, and we supported Vahle in the approval procedure for these components.


The documentation included statics verifications of strength and operational stability verifications for the components, as well as for bolted and weld seam connections. The assessment basis for the structural steel components was DIN EN 1993-1. Plastic components were assessed on the basis of the “BÜV Recommendation for Load-bearing Plastic Components in Civil Engineering [TKB]”.


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