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Component optimisation

Component optimisation allows competitive advantages to be achieved through higher component quality, while simultaneously keeping production and maintenance costs as low as possible. Based on our experience and through engineering approaches, we already regularly submit proposals for the optimisation of components during our project handling. Where components or assemblies are highly complex, there are also systematic optimisation methods available. In addition to the basic proposals for component optimisation, we perform systematic optimisations for the following questions for our customers:

  • Topology optimisation for the optimal component shape
  • Parametric optimization of individual components or component groups


Topology optimisation for the optimal component shape

Within the framework of an automated iterative FE calculation, component shapes can be optimised e.g. in terms of reducing weight or increasing rigidity. It is possible to define numerous secondary conditions, such as ease of demoulding. A side-effect of this method is that it can produce entirely new ideas for product design.


Parameter optimisation of individual components and component groups

Where the basic shape of the components has already been determined, parameter optimisation with parameterised calculation models is advisable. In contrast to topology optimisation, where subsequent verification calculations are still necessary, the results of a parameter optimisation can be verified directly.


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Final theses on the subject of “Component optimisation”:

  • Mayer-Ullmann, B.
    Optimisation of selected components of a passenger lift on the basis of FEM for further development of a customer-specific product range, 2022
  • Erens, C.
    Application of optimisation methods to a load-lifting device, taking into consideration structural mechanics and manufacturing technology boundary conditions, 2019
  • Ternes, V.
    Structural mechanics optimisation of a flywheel for an automatic clutch, 2009

You can find an overview of the final theses completed in our company here (PDF).