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Construction machinery

Verification according to DIN EN 13001, DIN EN 16228, DIN EN 1993 or others

The field of construction machinery is divided into a large number of different types of construction machinery. With the help of FEM calculation, we perform verifications for our customers for diverse construction machines in the scope of various standards. From construction machines like excavators, wheel loaders, crawlers, drilling rigs and pile drivers etc. to cranes like tower cranes, gantry cranes, indoor cranes, mobile cranes. With extensive experience from over 275 man-years of project work, we are your reliable partner for technical calculations.

For the verification of construction machines, several European and national regulations are available, according to which the dimensioning can be carried out. For cranes, DIN EN 13001 is used. If there is no specific standard for the structural-mechanical design for the machine under investigation, DIN EN 1993 (Eurocode 3) is often used for steel structures.


Our range of services in the field of construction machinery includes the following:

  • Structural-mechanical FEM calculation to determine the load situation of complex geometries
  • Standard-compliant strength verification and serviceability verification of load-bearing profiles of construction machinery
  • Standard-compliant strength verification and serviceability verification of fasteners (e.g. screws, welds, bolts)
  • Proof of stability for the desired area of application, taking into account e.g. wind loads and inclined positions


Your advantage through calculation

With the help of the FEM calculation method, the local courses of the deformations and stresses of the components can be determined. In this way, critical areas can be localized and specifically optimized during development. As a result, you can be sure of compliance with the strength requirements of the applicable standards as early as the design phase and can significantly reduce the number of costly tests or even completely dispense with the need to carry out time-consuming tests.

Existing components can be re-evaluated and strengthened with regard to a changed load. Further operation can also be ensured by verifying the available service life or the fatigue strength.


Documentation of the calculation results

Depending on the customer’s requirements, the documentation of the calculation results is provided as a verifiable calculation report in German and English or in the form of a short documentation. In consultation with you, we will also be happy to present the results that are important for you in a clear and comprehensible manner in a personal meeting.



  • DIN EN 13001 – Cranes
  • DIN EN 16228 – Equipment for drilling and foundation work
  • DIN EN 1993 (Eurocode 3) – Steel construction
  • Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC
  • DIN EN 13155 – Loose load handling attachments


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