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Fracture mechanics calculation

The fracture mechanics calculation is used to evaluate key figures required for fracture mechanics verification. For simple geometric shapes, the key figures can be determined on the basis of analytical relationships. In other cases, we can determine these using a FEM simulation. For this purpose we use the SMART and XFEM calculation methods implemented in ANSYS®, which allows analysis not only of the first crack, but also crack propagation in any propagation direction.


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Final theses on the subject of “Fracture mechanics calculations”:

  • Hau, A.
    Application of Separating Morphing Adaptive and Remeshing Technology (SMART) to fracture mechanics strength verifications in static and cyclical load cases, 2019
  • Schulze Spüntrup, H.
    Investigation of the crack tip load of housing components of turbines under predominantly thermal loading with the aid of FEM, 2014

You can find an overview of the final theses completed in our company here (PDF).