The new Hangar of the WDL Group


The new Hangar of the WDL Group, to be built at the end of 2022, will not only provide a home for the airship “Theo”, but can also be used as an event hall for about 1500 people. The two gate wings, each with an area of approx. 400 m² at the entrance of the hall, will be motor-driven. The locking of the gate wings plays an important role in order to be able to withstand adverse environmental conditions. A total of 4 lateral locking units and one central locking unit are used, with a total weight of over 5 tons and dimensions of up to 4.7 m x 1.6 m. The door leaves are locked by a motor. It must be possible to transfer individual forces of over 200 kN.


We, the Ingenieurgesellschaft für technische Berechnungen mbH, were allowed to participate in the optimization of the locking units of the gates and to provide important inputs for the final design without changing the boundary conditions defined in the planning phase among the project partners. We provided the load-bearing capacity verification for the interlocking units in accordance with DIN EN 1993-1.


The decisive factor for the stress determination was the use of three-dimensional volumetric finite element models – in contrast to the beam models commonly used in structural steel engineering – with which the local stress distribution could be determined and assessed in the first place due to the complex design.


We would like to thank INperfektion GmbH for the order and wish WDL ( every success with the new hangar.