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Load Handling equipment

Verification according to DIN EN 13155 and DIN EN 14238

According to Directive 2006/42/EC, load handling equipment is defined as a component that is not part of the hoist, that enable the load to be gripped and that is located between the machine and the load. With the help of the FEM simulation, we provide verification for our customers for load handling devices within the scope of DIN EN 13001 (DIN EN 13155, DIN EN 14238). We offer you extensive experience from over 285 man-years project experience in technical calculation.

Load handling equipment include, but are not limited to, Cross bars, Sheet clamps, C-hooks, Grippers, Claws, Clamps, Load lifting magnets, and Vacuum lifters. Hand-held manipulators are also included in load handling devices.

Load handling equipments are often customized to meet the requirements for gripping and lifting specific loads. Special requirements arise when space is limited, when lightweight is essential, or when excessive deformation of the load handling device can lead to unacceptable stresses.

As a rule, proof of adequate load-bearing capacity is required for commissioning the load handling device. This can be done by testing or by calculation. The requirements for the load-bearing capacity assessment are usually derived from DIN EN 13155 or DIN EN 14238.


Your advantage through simulation

With the help of FEM simulation, even complex load handling devices can be checked for suitability and optimized, if necessary considering the interaction with the load. Time-consuming tests with double and triple loads or even further test runs can thus be omitted.


Documentation of the simulation results

Depending on the customer’s requirements, documentation of the calculation results is provided in the form of a verificable calculation report in German and English or in the form of a short documentation. In discussion with you, we present the results that are important to you clear and understandable.



  • DIN EN 13155: Cranes – Safety – Non-fixed load lifting attachments
  • DIN EN 14238: Cranes – Hand-held manipulators


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