Onsite service

In addition to our calculation services, we also offer you onsite service in your own premises. This service can be structured in various manners.


  • Employee secondment

Within the framework of the German Employee Secondment Act, we are permitted to temporarily second employees to your organisation. This can take place e.g. in the context of projects that require a high degree of close communication and cooperation with your employees, or which need to be conducted at your premises for company-specific reasons. Above and beyond this, workload peaks can be temporarily compensated for with the aid of employee secondment. Because of the wide variety of fields we work in, we can find employees who can quickly acclimatise to your development tasks.


  • In-house workshops

We are happy to pass on knowledge relating to our service portfolio. To this end we offer you workshops specially tailored to your requirements and projects, in order to support you in your daily tasks.