Automatic goods transport system "AWT"

Determination of the service life for the load-bearing structure of the drive unit


On behalf of Rhein-Getriebe GmbH, our company provided static strength and fatigue strength verifications for the chassis frame of an automatic goods transportation system (AWT). The AWT is designed as a monorail overhead conveyor and is used for the efficient transportation of goods in containers, primarily in large hospitals. The containers can therefore be transported both horizontally and vertically across floors using the AWT.


The loads on the chassis frame therefore result from the accelerated masses for the horizontal and vertical movement of the containers, particularly when the containers start up and slow down.


The chassis frame consists of a welded profile box made of aluminum. The chassis frame is connected to two cast aluminum U-frames via two steel bolts. These U-frames connect the chassis to the drive on the monorail.
As the AWT is not clearly categorized in terms of its design, the strength verifications were carried out in accordance with the FKM guideline.


Our calculations and verifications made it possible to determine the relevant service life of the chassis frame for our customer Rhein-Getriebe GmbH and to define corresponding maintenance intervals. This helps to ensure the efficiency and reliability of the AWT.