In the screw evaluation process, routine enhances efficiency and eliminates sources of errors

The ITB Screw Evaluation Tool adds significant value through its simple complexity

The CAE software Ansys has established itself among engineers for its high functionality and reliable simulations. However, even in the most established systems, such as Ansys, there is room for optimization, as demonstrated by ITB GmbH. The engineering company based in Dortmund uses Ansys Workbench technology as the foundation for its specially developed ITB Screw Evaluation Tool.


As a forward-thinking company focused on reliable results, ITB constantly strives for further development. Effective and efficient project workflows are the focal point of calculations, simulations, and analyses. With extensive experience in the Ansys Workbench environment, the engineers from Dortmund have achieved a significant increase in efficiency and simultaneous error elimination.


Solution-oriented development with sustainable benefits

The ITB Screw Evaluation Tool originated from a specific need – created by engineers for engineers. ITB has long relied on the reliability and practicality of Ansys software. However, in particularly complex and comprehensive cases, the limitations of standardized tools become apparent, and the demand for a tailored solution grows. In the case of the newly developed ITB tool, it is a routine for screw evaluation.


Specific project requirements that regularly repeat in a similar form provided the concrete impetus for the development of the ITB Screw Evaluation Tool. This occurs when a large number of calculation models, combined with a high number of screws to be evaluated, are present. In such project workflows, manual creation of result parameters (cutting forces) quickly becomes extremely time-consuming and prone to errors.


ITB Screw Evaluation Tool: Significantly simplified complex routine

With a solid understanding of creating APDL routines using Ansys, ITB found it logical to base the automation and scripting of Ansys Workbench on its self-developed tool. The ITB Screw Evaluation Tool, with its reliable software foundation and the additional input from experienced engineers, has become a practical solution that compresses complex, time-consuming, and error-prone steps into simple routines.


In the in-house project processing, the self-developed tool is already consistently in use and is indispensable, especially concerning increased efficiency. It consolidates typical task sequences that professionals in project processing are familiar with, not limited to ITB-specific projects alone.


Time-consuming manual processes are minimized

Tedious steps such as creating and aligning a coordinate system, post-processing, and setting up moment reactions on the coordinate system’s center are just some facets of the otherwise time-consuming procedure. With the tool, users can enter all basic data and detailed information through an input mask (or program interface). The process is further accelerated by intuitive usability and illustrated guidance. Thus, manual workflows that would take several hours can be completed in a few minutes and repeated whenever necessary.