Fixture engenieering

Verification according to DIN EN 1993, DIN EN 13001, DIN EN 13155 and KTA

Fixture engenieering is used to erect, position, guide or support the machine or machine parts during their assembly, disassembly and operation. Customized solutions ranging from simple designs to very complex contructions are usually developed based on the application, especially in Powerplant contruction.

Usually, the Fixture construction is subjected to static loads. However based on the application, if necessary, external loads such as wind and earthquakes must also be taken into account.

The evaluation of the design is carried out according to the relevant standards, including DIN EN 1993, DIN EN13001, DIN EN 13155. In the field of Nuclear Technology, the evaluation is carried out according to the KTA rules.


Your advantage through simulation

With the help of FEM simulation, the deformation and the stress in the Gixture engenieering designs  can be very efficiently evaluated. This can particularly save the development costs of complex designs and optimize their cost and function.


Documentation of the simulation results

Depending on the customer’s requirements, documentation of the calculation results is provided in the form of a verificable calculation report in German and English or in the form of a short documentation. In discussion with you, we present the results that are important to you clear and understandable.



  • DIN EN 1993: Eurocode 3 – Design of steel structures
  • DIN EN 13001: Cranes – Construction
  • DIN EN 13155: Cranes – Safety – Non-fixed load lifting attachments
  • KTA: Safety rules


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