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Ansys APDL programming

The centrepiece of the Ansys Mechanical calculation software is still formed today by the programming language Ansys APDL. ANSYS Software has the capability of performing wide range of analysis like Thermal, Acoustic, Structural, etc. Irrespective of the type of analysis being performed, each FEM Model is represented using the same Ansys APDL (Ansys Parametric Design Language) program.

The Ansys APDL Programming offers the following advantages:

  • Access to functions not visible In Ansys Mechanical Graphic User Interface (GUI)
  • Parameterization of Simulation for Optimization
  • Usage of macros for process-automisation
  • Carrying out complex math operations


Through many years of experience, we have acquired extensive experience in the programming language, dating right back to the days when capabilities of graphical user interfaces were nothing like today’s software. Today we are therefore in a position to offer you programming services to automate or simplify your calculation processes.


When you would like to

  • Use functions that are not available in the Ansys Mechanical environment,
  • Modify your calculation models created with Ansys Mechanical,
  • Automate a standard-compliant evaluation of your calculations, or
  • Program by yourself, but cannot find the right start

Then contact us, we can help you in finding the right solution!


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