Simulation of Light – New Solution for SMEs

ITB GmbH Receives Funding Approval from BMWK


Light is a central product component in industrial and consumer goods. However, simulating light in product development is complex, time-consuming, and costly. The acquisition and use of simulation software is worthwhile for large companies, but for many SMEs, it has been inefficient and therefore not widely adopted – a competitive disadvantage for SMEs.


The experienced Engineers at ITB GmbH in Dortmund are now developing a scalable and cost-effective solution for light simulations, specifically tailored to the needs of SMEs. For this project, ITB CEO Dr. Frank Brehmer and his team have received funding approval from the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK). The project is preceded by a feasibility study by ITB GmbH, which was also funded by the BMWK.


“Our solution will enable SMEs to conduct time and cost-efficient simulations in all project phases of product development, improve product quality, and ensure that innovations are brought to market more quickly,” explains Dr. Brehmer. The new software allows, among other things, the simulation of the effect of the same light source in different environments, the optimization of energy efficiency in usage, and takes into account specific standards for light sources, such as those for emergency exit lighting. Dr. Frank Brehmer and his team see the potential for the new tool, especially in the automotive, electronics, furniture, and household appliance manufacturing industries.