Partnerships and memberships

National and international partnerships and memberships

As a provider of engineering services, we rely on a wide-ranging network of cooperation agreements and partnerships relating to the topic of simulation.


CADFEM GmbH was founded in 1985, and is part of the CADFEM Group, which comprises more than 20 companies. CADFEM GmbH is also a close sales partner of ANSYS Inc., the world’s largest developer of simulation software. With the support of ANSYS Inc., CADFEM GmbH organises the annual Simulation Conference, one of the largest specialist conferences for numerical simulation in the industry and research sectors.

We are linked to CADFEM GmbH by more than 35 years of partnership, as we have been using the Ansys software since 1984 already, back then in program version 4.1. In 2014, we concluded a cooperation partnership with CADFEM GmbH, and have since been conducting training courses on the application of the Ansys software on behalf of CADFEM GmbH. In addition, since 2015 we have also been represented as an exhibitor and speaker at the annual Simulation Conference in Germany, and since 2019 also in Austria.



The engineering office Christian Eichert CAE was founded in Austria in 2021 at the Scharnstein location. In the same year, the engineering firm Christian Eichert CAE and ITB Ingenieurgesellschaft für Technische calculations mbH signed a cooperation agreement and from then on intensified the joint project work and the business relationships that had already existed since 2017.

With its 15 years of experience in the relevant sector of mechanical engineering and, above all, plant engineering, the engineering office Christian Eichert CAE complements the portfolio of ITB Ingenieurgesellschaft für technical calculations mbH by specializing in regulatory-compliant evidence for pressure vessels and power plant, industrial pipelines as well as pressure pipelines and armoring for hydroelectric power plants according to regulations such as B. AD2000, EN13445, EN13480, EN1591, EN14460, CECT.

For the calculation, the Christian Eichert engineering office uses CAE software from well-known manufacturers such as: B. Ansys Mechanical and Sigma Rohr 2. In addition, verified in-house programming is used, which is hardly or not available on the market and e.g. T. can be adapted to the specific project.

Due to its many years of experience in the simulation and calculation sector, ITB Ingenieurgesellschaft für technical calculations mbH complements the spectrum of the Christian Eichert CAE engineering office by providing evidence according to regulations such as: B. VDI guideline 2230, FKM guideline and DIN EN 1993-1. Dynamic simulations for e.g. B. crash tests, sensitivity analyses, optical simulations and the new CFD simulation sector are an excellent addition to the portfolio of the engineering firm Christian Eichert CAE.



The network “In|Die RegionRuhr: Digital Factory” supports manufacturing SMEs from Bochum, Dortmund and Hagen free of charge on a needs-oriented basis in the development of digital innovations. The range of services provided includes information brokering and networking events as well as individual coaching and financial support through the InnoScheck.RUHR innovation subsidy programme. In|Die RegionRuhr is a partnership project between the business development funds and Chambers of Commerce of Bochum, Dortmund and Hagen, and is subsidised by the State of North Rhine-Westphalia using ERDF funds.

We work together with the In|Die RegionRuhr network on many levels. As a member of the “Simulation Focus Group”, we have joined with partners from business and research to take the subject to regional small and medium-sized enterprises. We provided assistance as consultants within the framework of the InnoScheck.RUHR innovation subsidy programme. At specialist trade fairs and leading international expos, such as ‘All About Automation’ and ‘Maintenance’, we regularly exhibit at the joint stand of the network, and add to the programme of the fair with specialist lectures on the subject of digital twins. In|Die RegionRuhr has also supported us in activities as part of InnoSentriS.



Müller und Partner Sachverständige are your machine safety CE project partner with a focus on automation and robotics for new machines, conversions and retrofits. With over 30 years of combined practical experience, Müller und Partner Sachverständige provides your customers with the certainty of 100% compliance with legal manufacturer requirements.

We cooperate with Müller und Partner Sachverständige in the mechanical design of components and accessories for robotics and provide in particular the required strength verification of the components.



NAFEMS, the International Association for the Engineering Modelling, Analysis and Simulation Community, is the leading independent organisation focused on promoting and advancing every aspect of engineering analysis and simulation. With a global membership base, which includes ITB GmbH, NAFEMS plays a pivotal role in the CAE community. It offers its members comprehensive services, including the publication of specialist literature, participation in EU projects, and forming working groups tackling specific simulation topics. NAFEMS is also renowned for organising significant events such as the NAFEMS World Congress and the NAFEMS Regional Conferences, serving as forums for knowledge exchange, research presentations, and networking. Its role as a neutral body representing the interests of all CAE users, along with the active involvement of companies like ITB GmbH, highlights the commitment to developing and applying innovative technical methods.


The Ansys User Club is a charitable association founded in 1987, which aims to foster the sharing of information and knowledge regarding the finite elements method, and to train and support young scientific talent in this area. Because it has a large number of members from many different sectors of industry, since it was founded the Ansys User Club has successfully been influencing the further development of the Ansys program system and its product family.

We in the Ansys User Club have been regularly participating for over 20 years in the annual national workshops, through presentations at these workshops, and through many years of involvement in the management board of the Ansys User Club. Since our company was founded, ITB GmbH has been supporting the activities of the Ansys User Club through its company membership.



The Managing Director of ITB GmbH, Dr Frank Brehmer, has been a personal member of DAAD-Freundeskreis e. V. in Bonn for several decades.

The alumni association of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) creates spaces for encounters. Members organise events for DAAD scholarship holders and alumni on a voluntary basis.

The DAAD-Freundeskreis e.V. was founded in 1981 with the aim of supporting the work of the DAAD and promoting the idea of international understanding (statutes of the DAAD-Freundeskreis e.V.).

The approximately 1100 members of the association are mostly former scholarship holders who have experienced for themselves what hospitality in a foreign country means.

In 1999, Dr Frank Brehmer enjoyed warm hospitality during a short scholarship in Slovenia. He spent this time under the supervision of Prof. Igor Emri at the Centre for Experimental Mechanics at the University of Ljubljana. This stay resulted not only in professional but also personal relationships with former employees of the centre, which have endured to this day.



Our joining the BVMW was made possible by Mr. Michael Heilig, the district manager of the BVMW Donau-Ries, whom we met at the Airtec trade fair in Munich in October 2021.
The BVMW e.V. is the central mouthpiece of medium-sized businesses in Germany and is intensively committed to their interests. As part of the SME Alliance, BVMW represents the common interests of around 30 employer and business associations with over 900,000 business voices. More than 300 BVMW branches at home and abroad support the companies organized in the association. The association’s work focuses on the formation of networks, the organization of 2,000 events per year and political advocacy at the regional level as well as in Berlin and Brussels.

BVMW membership has already brought us, the ITB, a variety of advantages. In the regular online sessions “Coffee break with Michael Heilig” we have already been able to make valuable contacts on several occasions. These weekly network meetings with an impulse contribution offer us a platform to introduce ourselves and network with innovative companies.

The BVMW branch in Dortmund, headed by Ms. Helga Ranft, is also a particular added value for us. She organizes regular, effective network meetings where we can get to know companies from the Dortmund region more intensively.



The Dortmund Simulation Skills Network (KOSIM) was founded in 2008 on the initiative of Mr Wolfgang Brose and with the support of the Dortmund business development fund, and is an alliance of companies in the field of simulation from or regionally related to the Dortmund location.

The aim of this network is to bring together the different simulation methods of the product development process, making available a technology and knowledge platform in particular to small and medium-sized enterprises, and making simulation processes accessible to companies on a needs-oriented basis.

Since the founding of the KOSIM network, we have initiated and implemented a large number of activities together with the Dortmund business development fund and the network partners. For example, in 2009 our company and the KOSIM network exhibited for the first time at the Hannover Messe for Industry. Our company has since been represented as an exhibitor every year at the world’s largest industrial trade fair.

Further information on the KOSIM network from the Dortmund business development fund can be found here.



The TechNet Alliance is a globally active network of companies and experts from the CAE sector that are involved worldwide in consulting, training, marketing and sales of various CAE programs and technology. The network was founded in 1998, and has since established itself as one of the largest networks in the CAE sector, with more than 50 active members from more than 25 countries.

Since January 2019, ITB has been a member of the TechNet Alliance, and has since been participating in the twice yearly international network events, in order to learn and share information on the state of the art in the CAE sector, amongst other things through specialist lectures on new simulation programs and methods.



Since September 2018, our company has been a sponsoring member of the Westphalian Regional Association of the VDI (Association of German Engineers), which has its offices in Dortmund. The Westphalian Regional Association of the VDI was founded in 1856, and thus looks back on a long tradition and continuous growth in its member numbers. Since 2016, the Westphalian Regional Association of the VDI has had more than 2,500 members.

The aims of the regional association include fostering and encouraging the sharing of technical experience and technical progress, as well as supporting young talent in the technology sector. To this end, the Westphalian Regional Association has established working committees on a wide range of current technical topics, initiated networking activities for young engineers, and in May 2010 it founded the VDIni Club Dortmund to create a platform where children can be encouraged to take an interest in technology through various event formats.

Because we, too, want to get young people excited about technical and engineering professions, and also pursue this aim actively e.g. through work experience for high school students, we are very happy to support the Westphalian Regional Association through our membership.